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Hello everyone (all two of you) who follows my blog!

I have some really sweet (no bitterness here) news. As of today, this blog will be no more. I know this can seem sad for some, but please let me tell you why I am so excited about this.

I will be taking my blog posts over to (the NEW blog on Please go and check out this amazing new site! I will still be posting as much as I have been on this blog (3-4 times a week), just with some of my heroes in youth ministry.

Why is this a good thing? Well I was super excited when Josh Griffin (, Doug Fields wrote a great article HERE on why Josh is leaving) asked if I would join him in the blog world to combine blogs! I will be joining the writers of More Than Dodgeball, Josh Griffin, Matt McGill, and Doug Fields on the newly remodeled, newly designed, with new products and amazing youth ministry minds on the new site.

This site will have:

  • blog posts from some amazing ministry minds
  • trench tested, cheap, quality youth ministry resources
  • a youth ministry pod-cast
  • and much more

So head on over to that site and continue to follow my blog posts and thought in youth ministry over there! Thank you for following my blog and making this place a great place to talk, think, and converse about ministry and our lives. Excited to continue our talks over on this new site!