How to Keep the Spiritual High From Camp

June 19, 2013 — 3 Comments

SUMMER TIME! That means Summer Camp!

For both students and for leaders, there is always a camp high when we come back from a camp. It is during those times in which we feel so much closer to who God is, what He is doing in our lives and it always seems to be a rekindling  of a relationship between us and God. So how do you keep that? How do you not lose that when you come home and have it fade away?

If you really think about it, there are 5 major things we do at a camp or retreat everyday that we tend to not do when we get back. 5 things in which we are supposed to do on a daily basis which we tend not to do at camp or retreat. It is these 5 things that give us that spiritual “high”, but if we were to do these everyday we would be able to have that feeling everyday.

  • Pray- We pray everyday at a camp or retreat. that communication between us and God is key to our closeness with God. If we are having a struggle on determining where God is wanting you to go, what better way than to have a conversation with the One who made you.
  • Quiet Time- At a camp or retreat you have a quiet time with God every single day. You study the Bible for at least 30 minutes everyday you are there. This is something I myself struggle with on a daily basis and I know it is a reason in which the “camp high” fades when I come back.
  • Community- You are in a great community of people everyday. You are around people who you are comfortable talking to and opening up to and being able to talk openly about struggles that you are having and being able to pray with them right then and there.
  • Worship- There is worship session every single day (usually in the form of music). But its time where you and God connect and you can just worship Him for who He is.
  • Laugh- We let loose at a camp or retreat because we are not worrying about anything besides just being there with God. Jesus says why worry about tomorrow, today has enough worry for its self. When we are at camp or retreat we can just have fun and laugh with everyone around us and not worry about anything.

All of these things happen at retreats and that’s why we get that extra close feeling to God. Because these are the things that we are called to do on a daily basis, so that “camp high” doesn’t need to go away…ever! We have to stop doing these things just at camps and retreats and not on a everyday basis. No wonder we don’t have that feeling when we come back because we forget to do this when we are back.



3 responses to How to Keep the Spiritual High From Camp


    So what happens when you do all those things and you still lose that high? Not trying to be confrontational, but honestly it is something that I struggled with as a student and now I have students that struggle with it. I absolutely 100% affirm and agree with your assessment that those are things that tend to happen at camp, or conferences and not at home and thus lead to a crash. However, I know folks who kept doing those things when they returned home for long stretches and still lost the “camp high”. I have my own opinion on the matter but I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on the matter as a fellow laborer in the world of youth ministry.


    Very true Cedric.I not trying to offer a tight jacket solution but – the issue of cultivating a Daily Devotion Plan is important and necessary for our spiritual growth.
    Time of prayer and Bible reading exercises are things that must be cultivated in some one (both at Home and Church or Fellowship) and this must be deliberate,until it becomes part of our Daily schedule. I know its difficulty in these times of fast running world,where everyone must catch up with things around – but try it – use the Five things prescribed by Justin
    yours Rodgers
    Former Christian Youth worker
    Southern Africa Zambia


    There’s naturally an ebb and flow in one’s spiritual journey. I don’t think we’re meant to stay on the mountaintop because (as one person reminded me), the fruit grows in the valley. But there’s something to be said about not just allowing it to be solely an emotional reaction but for it to have some kind of transformational impact. Both documenting and having accountability for that allows it to become a marker in one’s life. We don’t manipulate people towards highs; we trust that those highs result from an intense interaction with God at that moment. But we also realize that we don’t stay at that high (we’re not meant to). Just like a marriage or parents and kids: there are emotional highs associated, but the relationship doesn’t break down because that high is gone (at least I hope not). It’s a commitment to moving on. Our relationship with God does have an element of emotion, but can’t be solely based on that. We are to love God with all our hearts, soul, strength and mind.

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