What An Amazing Reminder

June 10, 2013 — Leave a comment

We always tell our students to be a light. For different students this means different things, being a light in different places in different schools with different friends. This last weekend one of our students was just that.

This student was on the the senior panel. He became a Christian last summer, just got baptized and is on fire for Jesus. He joined a small group of one of our amazing volunteers, Chip, who is a stud. Chip lives out a Christian life and is a great example of what a man of God looks like and his boys mimic him and it shows. The senior panel was a group of students who all had a 2 minute snippet of wisdom to share with their younger class-men and this one student posted that he was speaking on this panel on Facebook. He got a text during our first service from a friend of his asking to come to service because he heard his friend was speaking on stage so they met up for the second service on Saturday night.

This friend has never stepped foot inside a church before, and he was one that they thought would never, ever come to church. He came in a suit. Now I’m not knocking wearing a suit to church, because I think it’s awesome, but if you know our Saddleback culture, we are pretty laid back and casual in dress. He just thought that’s what you were supposed to wear because that is what he saw it on TV. He got to hear his friend speak, he got to hear the Gospel being preached by some of his senior peers and at the end of the night when we prayed over all of the seniors and their last weekend in HSM, he accepted Jesus. Praise God! We got to go to dinner with him afterwards and talk to him, exchange numbers, and scheduled to hang out to talk and hang out about the decision he made that night. Amazing.

All of this because his friend posted that he was speaking at church and he was living a life that was changed by Jesus. Incredible. My friends, this is why we do what we do.

Disciples make disciples. We live it out, our students live it out. They live it out, they bring their friends to Jesus. What an amazing reminder.


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