Ministry Is Ministry

June 6, 2013 — 6 Comments

As I we are wrapping up this year’s small group season and breaking for the summer I have already been preparation for next school year. I have been able to talk to a bunch of other student pastors from a few different churches (, Newspring, etc) and see how they set up their smal groups for the years. It’s awesome to see how other ministries do what we do just in a different context and setting. It got me thinking.

Ministry is ministry. I would assume that all of us believe in reaching students, or even just people in general, for Jesus. I would also assume that we would agree there is more than one way in doing so. As long as the truth of the Gospel is being preached, and it is doctrinally sound, ministry is ministry but the context changes. The Gospel will never change, it will always change lives and it is timeless. Ministry, depending where you are, will change. The context will always be different.

The moment we believe our way of ministry is THE way of doing ministry is the moment your ministry will become stagnant.

Your philosophy and methodology might change based on the area, church, culture you are in, but the theology should never change. As long as we don’t base our theology off of the culture we are in, what does it matter the whats, hows and whys of ministry? The way we do ministry in Southern California here, a lot of the things won’t work in the Mid-West and what works in the Mid-West probably won’t work in the South. But you know who knows? The people who are living there and doing ministry there.

I love looking at other pastors and how they do ministry from all across the nation. I want to learn what works best for them but realize what works best for them might not work best in my context in ministry. But it could spark some other idea in which would work.

Let’s just realize ministry is ministry. That never changes, but context does. Let’s be on the same team and reach students for Jesus, that’s it. Let’s be aware what is working and where and let us learn and adapt. The Gospel is an unstoppable force and it will change lives.


6 responses to Ministry Is Ministry


    So true. When I moved from the Mid-West to the South the biggest contextual change that I recognized had huge implications for how I approached and trained students to do evangelism/reach the lost for Christ. Here in the South where “everybody is a Christian” if you say to most students here who are your non-christian friends you can invite, reach, witness to, etc., they will say to you “But all of my friends are Christians, and have a church they attend”. Now I’ve recognized that I need to give them a clear picture of what it means to be lost so they can discern, in a non-judgmental way, who is not actively submitting to the Holy Spirit’s work to regenerate the life of Christ in them, before anything else.

    methodistyouthpastor March 6, 2013 at 5:35 am

    Nice! It is interesting to look at this over the course of ministry in one location for an extended period of time. Ministry changes from year to year. What worked last year may not work this year. Thanks for making me think. 🙂


      Thanks for reading! And exactly, what worked last year might not work this year. In our office, the best idea wins. If its better than last year even though it worked, we will do the better one.


    This is true. I moved to New England over 6 years ago from Minnesota. The landscape is different, even though people are still people. When I talk with people from other areas, I am always amazed at the things that they do that work that would never work here. (unless God did something radical there)


    Nice…one story – many applications. Frustrating though – why some are so uncomfortable w the freedom to contextualize…

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