A Different Evangelism Strategy

May 28, 2013 — Leave a comment

So this is something I have been thinking about for a while now. I have not fully developed this yet but I am in the process of making this a thing. First off, I’m really excited about it. Second, I did not initially come up with it but I got the idea from the last church I served at but what I am excited about is how to implement it into our small groups when it comes back around in the fall and the potential it has. I’m praying through it and trying to see how it can best be used in our context of ministry.

It’s a new look at evangelism. When students think of evangelism they think of one of two things: What we do at our services and preach or the people who stand on the corners on a soap box yelling at people on a corner as they walk by. We usually think of the masses and the big crowds which is great and important and that way works for some people. But what if you are not that person on the stage or know a ton of people? What happens?

This is a different take on evangelism. What if instead of preaching to the masses, it was something I believe EVERY student can do? Instead of reaching out to the masses, they reached out to one friend they knew did not know Jesus. What if they focused on one person, had a deep and caring friendship with them, talked to them about real things, was there for them, invited that one person to church or to small group. That’s it. Just one. Most of the time students already have a friend in mind as soon as you bring this up.

I tried it out this year with my small group guys and it was incredible! They brought friends who do not go to church to church. They were a friend to them. They had a great relationship to them. They brought them to small group. Why? Because focusing on one person is way easier than thinking you have to evangelize to a bunch of people. Thinking of “your one” person is a reachable and obtainable goal for a student to see and be a part of.

Think about it:

One student in your group has a “one” person they can be there for, with, be in friendship with and have them focus on bringing to the Lord.

One student.

For one year.

To get them to church and share Jesus with.

That’s possible.

It’s a different look on evangelism but for students it’s easier in their minds. I have seen it this year with my group. My guys prayed for their friends who they thought never would step foot inside a church and God opened up opportunities for them to step in, be a friend to them and they took the invite. Some now attend our group regularly.

Like I said, it is still a work in progress as I am trying to see how we can incorporate this into our curriculum, but it is going to be a part of it somehow. It has wheels and I think God will move in a huge way this next small group season! So pumped.


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