Parents: They Are Not Invisible

May 7, 2013 — Leave a comment

When you are working with students, you will get the parents. Fortunately and unfortunately this is going to happen. Sometimes you are blessed with parents who are on your side and they will bend over backwards to help you and your group and then you have the parents who seem they have been sent from Satan himself to test your patience. Either way, you are going to get some form, hopefully more of the fans, of parents. When working with students I want to be able to partner up with the parents because they get to see their student way more than you do for the most part.

Something I realized this last week, I have not been the best at this. I had the realization that there are students in my own small group where I have not met their parents at all this year. They come to small group which is awesome. They drive themselves, thank the Lord because I don’t have to worry about them not coming because of a ride situation. But this is not okay.

When I have a student in my group I should be looking at it as I’m also taking in that family. I’m a pastor to that student and that family because we both have a huge common interest: their child. I realized this when one of my students parents and sibling were in a huge accident and I have not met them. Thankfully they are alive, but it was awful and it was a big wake up call for me as a student pastor is that in order for me to minister better to my student in this awful situation is to know their family so you know how to respond in times of crisis. I can be a better pastor when I know the family. I need to be a better pastor and know the family.

So when are investing time in our students in our groups, are we going out of our way to get to know and meet the parents of those who are coming to our group and also pouring into? Can we really be the best pastor to our student we can be if we don’t really know the family and background in which they come from? Is it good enough just to minister to that student who comes in the time they come or does it need to be more than that and partner up and fully be in the lives of our students?

These are some questions I am wrestling with and hoping I am able to re-look at some ways I look to partner with parents and get all the way in.


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