Life Group Workshops

May 2, 2013 — Leave a comment

Since my new role change, I get to be in charge of our Life Group Workshops. Basicially, all of our small groups during the year is given curriculum depending on what grade they are teaching to teach throughout the year. But towards the end of the year we have all of the small groups come to our student building for Life Group Workshops.

What we do is we have a quick introduction of the night, a few fun and quick games, we have the band play a few songs and then we go into our time of teaching.  This year we are having a foundations workshop one week and the following week we are talking sex and relationships.

Here is how and why we do workshops:

Tougher subjects, special teachers– When we have tougher subjects we want to bring in people who know way more about it than our leaders and our staff does. We sent out an email to all our leaders to ask what subjects in our foundations class our students want to learn more about and the 3 subjects are: Good/Evil, the Afterlife, and The Second Coming. So we are having the foundation class teachers at our church teach each break out. Why not have the people who wrote the book teach from the book we would be looking at anyways? For the sex/relationship night we are bring in Rachel Collins from to teach to our students.

Gives our leaders a break– All year long our leaders are teaching and leading our students. This gives them a chance to be taught and learn as well and let some of the tougher subjects be taught and they can lead the discussion after wards.

Leader Meetings before Meetings– We have a a leader training and celebration before the actual event. The small groups come at 7pm. We have all of the leaders come at 6pm for dinner/training/celebrating the year. Since they are going to be there anyways, why not hang out with them for a while before and give them all we need to give them.

Student love coming together- Depending on what service they come to, a lot of students do not see everyone in a small group all at once because we meet in homes. Students feel the energy of having everyone together for a few nights to end the year and gives really good momentum going into the summer and our mid-week services. It is a huge boost.

I love that we do workshops. I think it is a huge win for our ministry. As well as other ministries within the church or outside. We get to partner up within our church, make new friends after and our students benefit the most because we know they are getting the best of the best in information being taught.

Do you do something similar? What is it?


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