Give Students An Option: Workshop Weekend

April 30, 2013 — 1 Comment

This last weekend in HSM we had workshop weekend. It is not something we normally do but we were in between series and needed a one-off for the weekend. We came up with workshop weekend. In a nut shell, we start off the service like normal, countdown, video, intro, a few songs, but then it usually goes into a message time, instead of one corporate message, we had four messages. 

We had 4 of our staff team up with a student and they co-taught a message. The weekend had an over arching theme of Comparison and Compassion. Each one of the 4 workshops took a more specific approach. Each workshop was in a different part of the building and the students got to choose which workshop they wanted to go based on the title and description. The topics were: Comparing to Those Who are Closest to You, Judging: Good or Bad?, Today’s Compassion: Everyone Has a Story, and Self-Compassion: How to Let Go Of Whatever You’re Holding On To.

Overall, it was a huge success. Here are some of the reasons why I feel it went so well:

Students got to teach: It was awesome to get some more students teaching. Having them being able to work alongside each staff member was such a great learning experience. The students owned it. They came up with some great content and personal stories. Nothing keeps attention during the service more than if one of their own peers is up on stage teaching.

Everyone picked what they wanted to hear: Instead of one overall message, this gives the option to maybe pick something that the students either want to know more about or they picked the certain workshop because it was something they were currently dealing with right now in their life. The workshop I was teaching in, Jordan (the student) and I had a ton of great conversations afterwards about our breakout. Jordan was pumped that his story was able to help others. It was a great to see.

It breaks the service down:  I loved workshop weekend because it got to spilt up the students into smaller groups. I got to meet and talk to quite of few new students or students that I never have met before. It was such a great relational piece on my end. I loved it.

It is a great way to keep things on the toes: Students didn’t know what this weekend looked like. They came in thinking it was going to be just another normal service. I think for the most part they all loved the option of choosing which one they wanted to learn more about. It is always nice to change things once in a while and have it go so well. 


One response to Give Students An Option: Workshop Weekend


    Great idea, and sounds like it was really well implemented! I’d LOVE to do this with our student ministry, but our students worship on Sunday mornings and there is ZERO extra space besides to two (ms & hs) spaces we use. But really love the concept! I especially love the student-teaching component. Nice work.

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