Who Is Pouring Into You, Pastor?

April 24, 2013 — Leave a comment

I remember is college one of my professors told me something when it comes to leadership that I have latched on to and practiced ever since then. And it keeps proving to me over and over that this is so beneficial to me and the ministry that I am a part of. I was reminded of way it is so important this week as I was able to talk to a good friend about some real stuff in my life to keep me in check and I thought I would share it. I do not know if my professor came up with it, or it is just something that is known in leadership but I know it has something I have seen played out so many times and I truly believe all in leadership need this model.

It’s the “+” model.

The top of the + is someone that is older and more experienced in you. A mentor basically. Someone who you can go to and be poured into. Someone who you can go to with questions about life, ministry and relationships. Because we as leaders are constantly pouring out into others, we need to make sure we have someone who is pouring into us. My + top is my dad, who is an amazing man of God and who I do to for anything and everything about the Bible, life, leadership. I also try and grab lunch with a few guys on our staff who I look up to in ministry a few times a month. I love those times where I can just sit and learn from some of the best leaders in our church.

The left of the + is someone within your own ministry or church that you have a good friendship with. They are you supportor and friend within ministry so if there is anything internal, you can go to them there and quickly run by something or vent something that you know is a safe place to do so. I have a few of those on my team and in the church and it is so helpful and awesome to know I can have friends whom I can trust internally.

The right of the + is a friend/friends who are in the same stage of life as you and in ministry who do not work at your church. They are in ministry but not at the same place. These people are safe people you can go to for help with your own ministry, to vent about your own ministry and to ask an outsiders opinion. I believe it is truly important to be able to have a safe person to go to outside of your own place of ministry because they won’t be biased and you know you can trust them with what is said. Sometimes you just need to let something out and it does not always work so well with someone in your own ministry. Because they are in ministry they understand and they might be able to speak into your life a little.

The bottom of the + is someone who you pour into. If you are in ministry, you got this one down. You are either pouring into your team, volunteers, students, etc. A lot fot he times we just do this and it can be draining because we are not being poured into ourselves. That is why I believe this + model is so important.

Who are your top, left, and right of the plus? It is important to get them in your life.


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