10 Youth Ministry Sites I Like and Why

April 4, 2013 — 3 Comments

If you are anything like me, you are constantly looking for other websites or blogs that have to do with youth ministry to either get some material or get ideas from. I know for me, when I am feeling a creative dry spell, I will go on a man hunt for websites to get my mind rolling around again so I can take already used ideas and put my own spin on it. This is why I thought it would be fun to post the top 10 sites I usually go to in these dry times for inspiration. Hope this steers you in some great creative ways:

  • Morethandodgeball.com – Josh Griffin. Now I am not just doing this because he signs my paychecks, but I truly believe his site is just a fire hose of content. There are 2-3 posts a day, all quality stuff. It has subjects from student leadership to resources to managing a team. I find myself on it a few times a week…at least.
  • youthministry360.com – I find myself going to this site more and more. They have cheap resources, free resources, and a killer blog that has everything on it. They have training for leaders, culture and trends of today, and they are constantly growing. Check them out and you wont be disappointed.
  • The Youth Cartel– The Youth Cartel’s work falls into two primary buckets:  stuff for individual youth workers, and stuff for organizations (church and ministries). For individual youth workers, they offer a Youth Ministry Coaching Program, speaking, training events, resources, website and blog help, and much more to come. For organizations, they are a full-service consulting agency specializing in helping you understand and connect with teenagers, young adults, and youth workers. They offer ideation, fund development, writing, resource development, event planning and hosting, and marketing services. Such a great new site.
  • Doug Fields– The guy is the top leading communicator about youth ministry in the world and he proves it through his website. I just attended his and Duffy Robbins seminar on “Speaking To Teenagers” and it was unreal. I always go on his blog to find practical youth ministry tips. Go to it.
  • Junior High Ministry– From Kurt Johnston. This guy is a vetren and it the king of ministry. He posts just a few times a week but every time he does it is just gold. We went out to dinner last week and whenever he would speak about something in ministry I would just shut up and listen, it’s that good.
  • Simply Youth Ministry Show– I recommend you check this out. This is with Jason Carson (former OC Supertones drummer turned youth pastor) and Kurt Johnston and they put on a 12 minute show talking about ministry and answering emails from fellow youth pastors. I look forward to it every single week and make time to watch it.
  • The Youth Ministry Garage– This is a video podcast with Doug Fields, Josh Griffin, Matt McGill and Katie Edwards (Saddleback Church Jr. High Pastor). They spend 20 minutes talking ministry and answering viewer emails. I have been watching them for years, way before I even worked at Saddleback Church. It is funny, helpful, and entertaining and these are are seriously the best of the best.
  • Seeds Blog– This is the blog from Church on the Move from Tulsa, OK. This church is probably one of the most creative and innovative churches out there right now and their creative blog is chalk full of stuff to soak in. They have things from audio, lighting, creative processes, to how to do puppets. I know, weird, but they are good and I love just going on to see what they have done next.
  • Perry Noble’s Leadership Blog– Perry Noble is the senior pastor at New Spring Church in Charlotte  SC. He does not do much with youth ministry, but he posts daily on leadership. He is one of my favorite pastors to listen to and I find myself on his blog daily to read and study the leadership he provides.
  • Youthmin.org– I like these guys. It is a group of youth pastors who all write about youth ministry. Everey aspect of it. They know what they are talking about. They are a fun group to interact with. and they support, pray, talk, and have fun with youth workers all over. Go check them out.

3 responses to 10 Youth Ministry Sites I Like and Why


    This is a really solid list of sites for the youth ministry community. I also like how you added a short description for each one.


    Thanks for including us, friend. Honored!

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