Take Advantage of Spring Breaks

April 2, 2013 — 2 Comments

Yesterday I wrote about the advantage fo the slow season. Right is now is another time we need to be able to take advantage of as well. That is spring break season. Even though we have to be in the office, our students are out of school. If they are not going somewhere usually they are hanging around your area. What a great time to get some amazing one on one time with some students who you only see on the weekends or midweek services. This is an amazing time to go out and be relational.

Here are some things I am planning on doing during my students spring break so I can maximize my time in the office and to maximize my time with these students.

Get in a little earlier: I want to get into the office a little bit earlier this week so I can get all of my “need to do’s” done right off the bat. For the most part, students will not be getting up until around noon anyways, let’s be real. So if I can get all of my stuff I have to do in the office done before lunch, I can be out and about and get lunch with some students.

Take students with me: It sounds weird and impossible, but I will take students with me as I am running errands around town. If I say I will buy Starbucks for them if they go it will help, but for the most part just riding around town with a car full of students make running errands pretty fun and students will love being able to hang out with you as well. they don’t care if it’s “work”, they are with you and loving it.

Leave early one day: Thursday the guys in my small group want to do something. I’m thinking the beach and bon-fire. So I’m going to come in early, maybe take a few of them on some errands and when I have my stuff done, head down to the beach with them for a bon-fire. I am telling them to bring whatever friends they want. What a better way to meet kids who don’t come to church?

Hang in the office: Like I said yesterday, you would be surprised how many students would come to your office just to hang while you work. My office was filled with students last week. Work got done slower, but it was awesome just being with them. Listened to music, watched stupid videos, talked life. It was actually really fun.

Got any other suggestions? I want to make sure I take advantage of this time in our students lives before the finishing out the year and before the craziness of summer.


2 responses to Take Advantage of Spring Breaks


    Awesome post! Love the ideas of getting time with your students outside of weekend services and Wednesday nights!

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