Take Advantage of the Slow Season

April 1, 2013 — Leave a comment

For the most part, our jobs are going like crazy. We are going from meeting to meeting, hanging out with student to student, we are going from the office to students games, to dealing with a difficult student, to going hoe and spending time with your family. Sometimes the time of craziness seems like it is not going to stop. But then…

It’s those couple of weeks before the summer camp, or winter camp, and there is a little bit in the week which is the calm before the storm. It’s the tie where you seem to not be running around, but there is actually TIME… to…relax. TAKE IT! Take advantage of it. You don’t have to work so hard all of the time. If there is a lull in your week and you know the next few weeks are going to be cray-cray, take advantage of it.

This week is that week for me. Thankfully I have a boss who is leading out in this and he wants us to do the same. Why and what do you need to do to do this?

  • You can’t run full steam all of the time. You will run out eventually.
  • Because it is okay to spend extra time with your family and friends during the slower week because you know you are going to have your head down and busting out whatever the busy time entails.
  • Get in the office, get your stuff done that needs to be done and get out.
  • Go and catch up with your volunteers. Get out of the office and take this down time and go spend time with your leaders.
  • Take a few extra students out and just hang out. Or, invite them to come in and hang in your office. You’d be surprised that will come in just to hang out with you.
  • If you can…. leave. Get away. Take a few days off. As you are reading this right now, I’m sitting by a pool (I wrote this a few days ago) in Palm Springs with my wife. What a better way to refuel before a busy season.

Take advantage. Do yourself, your family, and your ministry a favor and take advantage of a slow season to refuel for the busy one right around the corner.


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