Why You Need To Serve With Your Group

March 21, 2013 — Leave a comment

Yesterday I got to go serve with my life group boys. We went to another church has a young life group of special needs kids and they threw a carnival and invited us to come help out. It was such a blast. It was cool to see a few other of our churches small groups come together and throw a carnival For theses students. We basically ran simple but fun little carnival games as 40 students with down syndrome came across and we give them prizes I just had a blast hanging and playing with them.

A few weeks ago in our group we taught about serving and how that we are called to serve. We let that Jesus is life and noticed that he said “I came to give them to serve”. I told my group last week that we were going to go serve at this event and they were all in. Here’s a few thoughts that I had about the benefits of serving with your group:

We are called to serve. There’s just something about not only hearing about this whole thing called Siri but also actually going out and serving with your students. The something that happens I cannot explain but you can actually see you in the faces exceeded their action that they’re getting it. There something happens inside them when they first hear about that they’re supposed to serve but then actually serve and find out that they really do enjoy it. They actually get to feel like they are the hands and feet of Jesus in this world.

It gets them out of their comfort zone. When they first showed up and we’re getting ready and students started to come in I could tell that our students were very uncomfortable. But I think that’s a great thing. Sometimes we have to lead out in our discomfort to show that our students that it is okay to be uncomfortable at times. My favorite moment of the night was watching our students become less uncomfortable and more of having fun with the students that they were serving.

The groups that serve together will last together. There’s something about when entire group goes and serves that but there’s a closeness between that group because they are in fact serving and doing what they’re supposed to be doing. It is almost, maybe even greater than, the summer camp experience of the cabin because survey does way more for the kingdom than just going to a summer camp and there’s that bond that you cannot break.

We had so much fun. What’s our students realize that it was okay to be uncomfortable they got way into the carnival and had a blast with the special-needs students that were there. They drop their guard, Let down their hair, and just had fun with the people who were there. Serving can be fun if you go into it with the right attitude heart.

So go serve with your group and you’ll find yourself being closer than ever and you will be doing what you are called to do of being the hands and feet of Jesus with your students.


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