To Change It or Not To Change It

March 20, 2013 — 1 Comment

As of this week I am the Pastor of High School Ministry Life Groups. I could not be more excited for this switch in positions and the journey it will be. With this now in motion, I will be overseeing all and everything that has to do with our students and their Life Groups. Registration, placing kids in groups, work shops, meet and greet, curriculum, group care etc. Jessica, who was over it the past four years has done an incrediable job of booming Life Groups. There are more kids in Life Groups than attend our weekends. God has a huge part of that, but Jessica has a big part as well as she has helped cultivate a culture of how important Life Groups are for our students.

But now I have the control to do whatever I feel needs to happen. So what does that mean? This is a huge transition of leadership and styles, how will that work? I have been thinking a ton about this as I have known about this transition for a while and have thought of a few things in which we all can keep in mind when we come in control of a new ministry, position or event. These are things I have in mind when coming into my new spot on the HSM team:

If it’s not broken don’t fix it. I don’t plan on changing anything. The system in which is set up seems like it is working. The last (and dumbest) thing I can do is change it because I am the one who is running it now just to show that I am running it. I’m sure there are going to be certain things that I will change because it would run better with my personality, but it would be little things. It’s awesome, but I’m not going to change it…yet (if needed).

Take it though a season with open eyes and open mind. My plan is going to take it though the year how it is. Going in with an open mind and an open notebook just sitting back and taking notes. Since I am the one with fresh eyes going in, I just want to see how it’s running and take notes to see in which ways work the best and what are some things that can change. This way, after I have already seen it in a season, I can try and help better it the next round.

The best idea wins. It’s my favorite saying on our team. Even if it is the way we have done it before, if there is a better idea that will work better, we are going to that. Nothing is set it stone, it’s all flexible. But just because I can change it, doesn’t mean I will. the best idea wins.

What is best for the the students? Ultimately it’s about the students. I’m not trying to make a name for myself or anything like that. I truly have a heart for discipleship and I want our students to truly experience Jesus in their groups and express Him in their daily life. I am an advocate for the students when it comes to their spiritual health and learning. I pray that God helps guides me as I try to help guide them into knowing Him more personally and being able to express Jesus to others and live it out. I will do what I feel is best for our students. That’s it.

This is me just verbally processing this new transition and you happen to be here and reading this along with me as I am learning. I’m so pumped for this awesome opportunity. Praying for guidance! Love it.


One response to To Change It or Not To Change It


    Congrats on the new position. I can hear your excitement which is awesome to catch in my own ministry. It sounds like you have pretty level head going into this, as well as had someone that rocked it before you.
    I think for me, it helps to define the purpose/mission of the ministry. That is where I start every time. Where does it line up with the Church as a whole? Is it creating continuity with transitions into the rest of the church? After all, they are the future church.
    If there is one already, does it meet its own demands? If so, how efficiently? If not, how poorly? Are all the leaders on board?
    Some of the toughest transitions I have made, were into places in which everyone was unclear of the purpose or mission.

    I’m excited for you and pray that God goes before you and leads you in the way His ministry should go.

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