What Happens When You Have a Crap Day?

March 19, 2013 — Leave a comment

Ever had a crap day? I did this week. One of those days in which nothing went the way you thought it was going to when you woke up. Literally everything went wrong at home, at work, in the office, with a student, etc. It can be draining. It can be tiring. It can be awful. Now I’m human. Surprise! I didn’t handle it well. I messed up. I took it out on everyone else who was going to try to help me. It was just one of those days where I just wanted to come and sit down on the couch and do absolutely nothing. And I did. And I pouted. Sometimes it happens and when I woke up the next day I realized how ridiculous I probably sounded and looked as I sat by myself on the couch. This morning I did 3 things that helped me so much in my thought process. These three things I should have done yesterday immediately but I was too into my pity party I didn’t even think about it. It was selfishness.

I read the Bible. It’s the living Word of God. He moves. He seems to know what I need to read and what I need to hear at the time. If only I would have done this first so I could have read this when I was actually feeling at the time.

I prayed. I prayed about the decisions I made yesterday. I prayed for forgiveness of how I acted. How I was thinking (because He knows what I was thinking about people and words I was saying in my head). I prayed for more patience next time a day like this comes.

Which is another thing I realized. I failed this test miserably. I have been praying for more patience. God gave me this opportunity to be more patient. I failed. Something I teach to our students, I didn’t do. Having this realization is super humbling.

I asked for forgiveness. Man that is hard to do sometimes. It is a pride thing. Something I openly admit to you. It’s amazing when you are the one that is in the wrong and you know it, how hard it can be to go to someone you could have handled a situation differently. You do not really how hard it is (even though we teach it) until you have to do it yourself.

When I think about this and ministry, I got thinking about how much our students really do look at us to model this. We are like them. We have crap days like they do. If you have a student who looks up to you, they will imitate you and how you handle the same situations. It’s a real thing. We are to be models, even when we mess up, how we handle the mess up can be more important than the actual mess up. I got to thinking how we always do it backwards sometimes. We mess up, get frustrated, go to family for help, then friends, then pity party, then when things get bad…we pray. We need to pray first and all the rest will come into play. It sets the tone. Scripture affirms that tone. God will use it to teach.

Be a student.


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