Student Devotions and Series

March 19, 2013 — Leave a comment

I have had the honor and privilege to be able to write some material to have up on Download Youth Ministry. If you do not know what this is, it a website put on by Doug Fields, Josh Griffin and Matt McGill for youth workers to go and get dirt cheap but quality student ministry materials. All materials are thing is that have been trench tested in other ministries.

I have 5 resources up there now and I thought I would do a little shameless plug for the website and the materials I made on my blog. You can check out my page HERE.


21 Day Prayer Challenge- $5:

It’s been said that 21-days makes a habit. Most students say they want prayer to more of a habit in their lives. The only problem with that is they don’t know how to make that happen and what the in the world do you pray for 21 days straight? This booklet is 21 days of guided prayers for students in hopes that at the end of reading this, students would 1) have made prayer a significant part of their day 2) have an idea on how to direct their prayers on certain topics per day and 3) get to know God closer than they have ever before. Each day has a different topic to pray about, a 3-minute devotional, some Scripture to reflect on, and a guided prayer list to help them make prayer a real, authentic, directed, part of their everyday life. The list of topics cover: your heart, faith, hope, love seeing God’s glory, obedience, trust, family and friends, sharing your faith, living sacrifice, change, over coming fear, compassion, empathy, worship, kindness, evangelism, surrender, serving, self-control, and the power of prayer.

LoveIsInTheAir_Title_web Love Is In The Air- $5: 

This is a 3-week study going through God’s plan for sex. Sex is always a hot topic. Sex is always on students mind. God’s idea for sex is way different than what our world now portrays sex. If we really dig into what God designed us for, we were designed to be relational. We are relational people. It’s normal. This study will go over the biggest question of them all, “How far is too far?” And we will be going over God’s plan for sex and what He created it for.

If you go through this study for the next 3 weeks you will walk through all of these topics and ideas and help walk through what this looks like in our lives. Buy it once and make all the copies you want? What a deal!

made_web MADE: Shaped By God- $5: 

MADE is a 3-week study for students in getting them to dive deeper into some Biblical truths about how God wants us to be more like clay, branches, and sheep. Each of these 3 topics takes a full week to go through: one section a day for 3 weeks.

It will hopefully show students how God wants to be able to help mold us like clay because He is the Potter, how we need to be branches and be connected to the vine, Himself, the source of life, and how to be sheep in the care of the shepherd.

Each day takes about 5 minutes to read through a passage of Scripture and journal through some questions about it. This is a great way for your students to dive just a little bit deeper into their faith with God, learning how to know Him in a more intimate way.

OutOfContext_Title_web Out of Context- $9:

Out of context. We all have seen it. We all have heard it. What is it? A verse taken out of context. There are many verses in the Bible in which we read them they sound great, and it gives us the warm fuzzies on the inside, but when we read the verses in the full context of the text, the meaning of the verses change.

This series takes 3 of some of the most famous verses taken out of context, and looking at each one in the full context that they are supposed to be read in.

IrresistibleRevolution_Title_web Irresistible Revolution- $9: 

Irresistible Revolution is a series that covers hypocrisy, being crushed and how to respond, and to go out when we realize that God will lift us up. My hope was that our students would see that by how they live will show Jesus to others around them and how irresistible a changed life can be.

WEEK 1: ARE YOU KISSING JESUS’ CHEEK OR FEET? This message is to point out and challenge students to hang up the mask of hypocrisy, and take up the life of a true follower of Jesus.

WEEK 2: POWER OF THE MUSTARD SEED: What we are in need of doing is grow closer to Christ, but what we typically do is grab onto anything, but God wants us to grab on to Him.

WEEK 3: RADICAL: We are supposed to go out and tell others, out on Jesus so others can see how you live and the hope that you have, and go.


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