4 Important Questions A Small Group Leader Should Ask Themselves

March 14, 2013 — Leave a comment

When a small group leader takes on leading a group they are taking lead of a group of students they have a responsibility to move forward in their journey to spiritual maturity. But, before that can happen, the leader must conclude precisely where the group member is on that journey.

These four questions would be helpful to the leader to be answered concerning each group member. The answers to these questions will determine how the group leader relates to and sometimes converses with each group member.

1. Is he or she a follower of Christ?

If a student in the group has not made that decision to follow Jesus there are a few things the leader can do when they know that student is not yet a believer.

  • Make the most of every opportunity the Holy Spirit creates to voice the gospel to that group member
  • Watch the group member closely during group meetings and capture a transformational moment when it occurs
  • Carefully answer any question the group member has and bathe that answer in the person and story of Jesus.
  • Integrate the Gospel into every group conversation when it is possible and appropriate.

2. Does the student have a past that is holding them back from fully committing?

Sometimes student don’t realize the freedom that they have in Jesus. They think because they did that one thing, there is no way Jesus can use them. Sometimes there is drama or abuse in the family, there is a hole in a friendship, maybe they are stuck in some sexual sin that they think they God can’t possibly understand and help them move past it. Realizing whether or not a group member is in this situation will explain their attitudes and reactions to many conversations and will make it possible for the group leader to point them toward the help they need that can aid them in their movement toward freedom.

3. Is he or she proactively seeking Christ-likeness?

Many of the times student make that decision to follow Jesus but they think that is the end. They made that decision. So now what? As leader we need to help be proactive in their faith, striving them to be more Christ-like. When the leader realizes the sort of spiritual apathy which is present they should motivate the student to be involved in spiritual disciplines, talk about study about God and who He is, and slowly move them toward a walk with Christ that is real, authentic, and transformational.

4. How can I help the student take the next step?

Once a group leader is aware of the answer to the three questions you just read, the group leader must ask herself/himself how they can help the group member to commit to taking whatever the next step is for them. Helping group members commit to next steps is the first step toward transformation that is real and eternal.

Knowing the answer to these questions for you student can help you engage them in conversation to knowing who Jesus is.


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