Expectations for Small Group Leaders

February 22, 2013 — 1 Comment

Today I had a conversation with a leader in my coaching team for small groups about how he feels like he is not connecting the way he wants to with his new group of students. After he explained his situation I knew that he was not meeting the expectations that we set for all of our leaders who lead a group. We set this expectation believing that if a leader were to do this at a minimum, they would be able to run a successful and growing small group. I kindly reminded him about our expectations, and he felt encouraged leaving that he would be able step up and make it happen.

Here are some of our leader expectations for our small groups (this comes out of our volunteer handbook):

Once a week items

  • Be prepared and read all the small group materials that you will be teaching. We shouldn’t be opening up our curriculum for the first time when we start the group.
  • Be on time to the group yourself.
  • Seek out one student in the group who needs some extra care and do a follow up.
  • Direct students to next steps and opportunities.
  • Contact anyone who ha missed two or more groups and follow up with them.

Once a month items

  • Connect with one student outside of your small group during the week.
  • Connect with your COACH to touch base on your group.

Every few months items

  • Write a card or note for your students. It’s amazing how much snail mail is appreciated now by students.
  • Do some sort of fun activity to do outside of your normal group meeting time.
  • Participate in a serve project together. (We provide a page of all of our ministries available to serve.)

Just some thoughts, advice and expectations we give our leaders to effectively lead small groups. anything else you would add?


One response to Expectations for Small Group Leaders


    It helps to recognize that connecting can take place at multiple levels…facts, opinions,feelings,beliefs and values. It takes time and consistency to earn trust to connect at deeper levels. Keep trying.

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