Monkey See Monkey Do: Student See Student Do

February 13, 2013 — 2 Comments


Why aren’t the students bringing friends to church? Why are they not getting into the worship music? Why are they not in a small group? Why are they not serving? It’s so frustrating! Is it really their fault? Maybe. Could it be us? Maybe. I can be. I have been challenged in this with my small group, and our group as a whole.

As church staff and volunteers we need to do the things we want our students to do. It only makes sense.

I know it can be really easy to teach and talk to them but it seems like they do not take your seriously until you actually do it too. Be their model. They are watching you.

When the music is going, are we worshipping passionately or are we too worried about the next transition? If we worship passionately most student will see that and feel it’s okay to just let go what the people think around them and do the same. Are we introducing them to our friends who we bring to church? Are we bringing friends to church? Students are in their “cliques” and not inviting new students to get food after services. Are we inviting new students we just met to hang out or do we go to the normal students we always go with? Are we telling them that small groups will help them grow spiritually and are not in one ourselves? They notice. Are we showing them that going to a serve event is great and fun and a wonderful way to serve God while serving others? I bet you if we invite them to a serving event most would at least consider it because they just like being around you.

I have been noticing that when we as leaders actually do what we want our students to do, they will jump right in with us. This is my constant goal.

What do you wish your students would do? Are you doing those things to model it?


2 responses to Monkey See Monkey Do: Student See Student Do



    Thanks for the reminder. I will be sharing this with my volunteers next week.


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