21 Day Prayer Challenge for Students

February 12, 2013 — 1 Comment


I am really excited to share this with you today. Over the past few months I have been talking to my small group guys about prayer. What it seems is they WANT to pray more, but they don’t know what to pray for exactly. So it got me thinking, what if they had a prayer guide to help them direct their thoughts on certain prayers so they can become more focused and not have the random thoughts we all tend to get while trying to pray. So I came up with the “21 Day Prayer Chalenge” for students and its only $5 on Download Youth Ministry.

If you want to check out a version of what a day looks like, check it out HERE.

Below is the description and you can click HERE to go check it out:

“It’s been said that 21-days makes a habit. Most students say they want prayer to more of a habit in their lives. The only problem with that is they don’t know how to make that happen and what the in the world do you pray for 21 days straight? This booklet is 21 days of guided prayers for students in hopes that at the end of reading this, students would 1) have made prayer a significant part of their day 2) have an idea on how to direct their prayers on certain topics per day and 3) get to know God closer than they have ever before. Each day has a different topic to pray about, a 3-minute devotional, some Scripture to reflect on, and a guided prayer list to help them make prayer a real, authentic, directed, part of their everyday life.

The list of topics cover: your heart, faith, hope, love seeing God’s glory, obedience, trust, family and friends, sharing your faith, living sacrifice, change, over coming fear, compassion, empathy, worship, kindness, evangelism, surrender, serving, self-control, and the power of prayer.

As you can see, there is a ton of topics in which students can be praying in their lives, and having them take this 21-day challenge will help them make prayer a habit in their lives and help them know what to pray for and how to pray it.”

My hope is that students will be able to make prayer a daily and meaning part of their lives. If you get it, let me know what you think!


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