A Few Exciting Things Happening

February 5, 2013 — 2 Comments

There is a ton of great things going on right now. I have to praise God because there is no way any of this is happening on my own. There has been a few new things going down in my life which are super exciting.

One thing, my roll in HSM is changing. We just had our annual staff camp, where all of the student ministries gets away for a few days and talks vision for 2013. A a part of this meeting is announcing and going over all of the roles for each person on the team. For the past year I have been the weekend coordinator for HSM. I basically would be the one i charge of putting together our weekend services. It has been amazing. But 2013 will look different. I will still be on the weekend planning team, but my role is going in a different direction. I will now be the Pastor of High School Ministry Life Groups (small groups). After talking with Josh Griffin, we both have felt that small groups is taking on more of my heart. So I am so exciting for overseeing anything and everything with our small groups. It’s a huge resposibilty, but I know this is where God is directing me to go.

Also, this month I started on Download Youth Ministry. This website is an amazing way to get resources, tested and tried by youth workers, for almost nothing. This month I have a few things going up on the site in which I would love for you to check out, not only my stuff, but the entire site as a whole. All of the publishers are incredible and there is stuff from small group curriculum, to sermon series, and leadership packets.

God is moving right now and I am so excited. Go check out the site:

Down Load Youth Ministry


2 responses to A Few Exciting Things Happening


    That’s awesome to hear that God is doing a great things in your life.
    God is good. Over a year ago I felt the need to do something to help students, who didn’t have ride, get to our Wednesday night youth service. In the last month I began taking the necessary steps. I needed a minimum of 2 adults to do the pick up in order for this ministry to be launched & I’d do the take home. Well, after asking several people, I had 4 adults volunteer to do the pick up. I’m excited to announce that this Wednesday will be the start of the new Wednesday night student van ministry. Please pray for our adult volunteets. Also pray that this ministry will reach more students than I could ever imagine. Pray also, that the parents of those riders will come try out our church too.


    Awesome news Justin. Praying God continues to move.

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