The Most Important Time of Service

January 31, 2013 — 4 Comments


Having a service to help students experience Jesus is only half the equation. As some would believe they would think the most important part of our weekend services would be the services because they are the main reason why students come. The most important part, the most crucial part of our weekend services, are the 15 minutes before and after each of the services. This is where the real ministry happens.

Here is why I think they are so important:

  • 15 minutes before and after the service is prime hang out relational time. This is where all leaders should be out and about talking and meeting people left and right. This time is the time where students are there waiting for service to start or they are hanging out after the service just ended.
  • 15 minutes before service is a prime time to meet new students because they are just there. They are not going anywhere, only inside service. They are already there for you to talk to! If you meet a new student, you can offer to sit with them and talk more.
  • 15 minutes after service everyone just hangs out and talks. You can mingle and talk about the service and what it meant to them.
  • 15 minutes after the service is where real conversation and prayer takes place. It is where a student it touched by something in the service and you are able to talk and pray with them.
  • 15 minutes before and after service is just a great relational session. This is the time to joke and play and really get a chance to know how students are outside of church and it allows them to see who you are as well. Conversation is the first step to connection.
  • After service you can all meet up at Chick-Fil-A or In-N-Out (Those are my two favorites at least). I invite everyone who can hear me say it. Great time to just simply be with students.

15 minutes before and after service is where the real ministry happens. Services expose students to Jesus, the relationships before and after services literally show Jesus’ love to the students through conversation and relationship. To not jump on this time would be wasteful.


4 responses to The Most Important Time of Service


    I totally agree with ya man. Even last night last, when two of my students were talking about how bad their day had been, I took the opportunity to say “let’s sit down & talk it out. But one thing I’ve noticed about where the church where I’m serving is that as soon as service ends the students bolt downstairs and adults are in a hurry to leave.
    So what would you suggest in a situation like this where you don’t have the minutes after. I want to create a environment so comfortable that students are like, I love hanging out in this place & don’t want to leave. Any suggestions would help. We even have our own wing upstairs. I’m currently looking for some modern sleek furniture that I can purchase on a $1000 furniture budget. Thanks for blogging


      We throw an after service event. Free food is always good and always gets kids to stick around. We had a smoothie bar. A dance. S’mores. Ice cream. Anything food lol. Funiture is always good too, it sets the vibe and the atmosphere.


    Good thoughts and reminders Justin. This is where our volunteers can be key. Have them be there early and be prepared to stay until students start to leave. Huge time to get a few wins with students relationally.

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