4 Questions I Always Ask Our Volunteers

January 29, 2013 — 2 Comments

Small groups are the back bone to any ministry. I truly believe that real life change happens in small groups. The weekends are sexy, small groups are messy. Real life, real faith, real change gets taked about in small groups. At HSM, each staff member is a coach of volunteers who are small group leaders. I have a coaching group of 13 different leaders. The job of a coach is to be a resource, a pastor, friend to your group of leaders who are leading the students in your group.

We proudly, and freely, give away the name “pastor”. Our small group leaders are the pastors to their students. They are the ones on the front lines with them on a weekly, and daily basis. As their coach, I want to make sure that they are doing okay, in teaching their group and on a personal level. I try take make sure I meet with each leader for coffee once every 6 weeks, just to get some face time with them and hang out with them a little bit. We talk about life and ministry. It is a great time.

There are a few questions I will ask my coaching group every single time we meet to get a feel of how everything is going for them. Doing this, I feel gives them a sense of what they are doing is great by pouring into the lives of these teens, makes them feel like the staff in which they serve under cares for them and supports them, and develops our relationship as people who are on the front lines of ministry together.

Here are some questions I always ask:

How are you doing?– I always start personal. I want to know how they are doing with life and volunteer ministry. Sometimes this question is the only one I get to because there is something going on that they want to talk about. And I am okay with that. I would rather talk personal stuff and make sure they are okay before anything else.

How is your group going?– It’s a simple question, but with a variety of answers. It is just an opportunity for them to be honest with how their group is going. What they are feeling about it, going about it, and how they think their students are responding to it. Sometimes it is just a great way for them to debrief whatever is going on because they have been thinking it for so long, it feels good to actually talk about it.

Are you doing anything in your group that is working that you would want other groups to know and try?– Not all of them have “something” but there have been a few times in which they would share something that is so simple or so fun, or so different, that I want to let other groups know and try to see maybe if it would work for them. I love when I get ideas from other leaders to try. And, it gives them a sense of ownership and encouragement because what they are doing can help other groups. I recommend this question.

Is there anything I can do to help make your group better?- This question can come with a whole bunch of different answers as well. Sometimes the answer is a critique on you because you were not doing something or it can be an honest answer of how you can be a better coach to make the small group of your team member and their students the best experience for their small groups. I am always wanting to know how I can support my team of leaders who minister to our students.

I know there are more questions I ask, but these are the ones I always want to try and get in to get a feel of how they are doing. What would you ask?


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