This Is Why We Do What We Do

January 22, 2013 — 2 Comments

There have been days, even weeks where I have felt ineffective. My group is not listening to a word I say. They same to be making bone head mistakes, all of the time. It seems as if ministry is just something I am trying to get through.

I have a pretty big small group of guys. The keep on bringing their friends who do not go to church, so obviously I’m not going to turn them away. they know they are welcomed here and won’t be judged. Most of my guys have grown up in the church. They know their stuff, it’s now the living it out that they are trying to learn how to do. The guys who are coming who are not Christians take it even to the next step of immediately Instgramming pictures of themselves drinking wine when they get home. Not trying to hide it, but bragging about smoking weed. So I have the Christian kids trying to figure it out, the non-Christian kids being themselves because they don’t know how to do anything else yet. Talks will need to take place when the timing is right, but it is part of the game.

But here is the thing. They come every single group. Almost the entire group, unless they have a game, is there. They come with their Bible and a pen and take notes. When we are going through our study, I look up and they are into it. Underlining. Taking notes. Circling. I can see it, in the guys who have grown up in the church and the guys who don’t believe yet, their wheels are turning in their minds. There is something working in them. God is working in them, and that gets me excited.

I just got a text from one of the guys who is just checking out this whole Jesus thing (his words) that said, “Ever since we analyzed the Bible on 1 John 1, I have been reading the Bible a lot more. Just want to give you thanks for helping me out! God and I are pretty much the closest we have ever been. My faith has been growing slowly more and more since I joined this group.”


Let me encourage you today:

  • Today we expect to see immediate results. That’s just our culture. God is working on them way harder, and more effectively than you are. Be confident He is working.
  • They are listening even when they do not seem like it.
  • Be patient. They are watching and listening to us. When they hear the Gospel and how it calls them to live, they see the difference it makes and most of the time they look at you on how to live that out.
  • The best thing in ministry (in my opinion) is to see a student finally get it. Something clicks and they are on fire for the Lord. It’s the best feeling to see how God is working in them.
  • Be encouraged that God is working in their lives and being faithful in their lives because you are being faithful to them by teaching them, being their for them, and doing life together with them.

It’s the text we get when the light bulb goes off and they finally let down their walls to allow God to start working fully in their lives, a reminder of why we do what we do.

Keep this in mind. It’s the best.


2 responses to This Is Why We Do What We Do


    Hey Justin- Great post.
    Was wondering what are the key things you do to have such an effective small group?
    I have tried small groups for the last three years but seem to spin my wheels.
    I have tried the home groups, I have tried to have them on a Wednesday night during our main service. It just seems like everything we have tried doesn’t work. I know this is really important and that’s why I’m trying to make it happen but it’s getting frustrating. Out of 60 students we have about 13 involved in two different houses.
    Any in put would be awesome. Thanks.


      Hi Tony
      Thank you for having such a heart for small groups. I wish there was a formula for making them work, but I can tell you what we do and hopefully something sticks out that you might feel would work for you.

      All of our groups meet mid-week because our services are on the weekend. They are all in homes and are age and gender specific. So I have a group of junior guys. We feel if a group of guys or a group of girls is with others there age and gender, they are more likely to open up and be themselves in the group. With that, I know there is more leaders needed to break up the different groups, I know that’s our biggest struggle every year. But when you find them, they make a huge a difference and make our small groups amazing our volunteers are the backbone to making small groups work.

      A typical small group for my group works like this: all the moms of the guys in my group take turns cooking for the group. Food for my guys and I, bring us together and we just hang out and talk and catch up. We do that from 7-745. From 745-8, we gather up and prepare for group, going around catching everyone up on what’s going on in their lives. From 8-9 we are in bible study and going through the curriculum we have for them. For cheap, great stuff, go to

      I hope any of this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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