Ignite Conference- Break Through

January 7, 2013 — 1 Comment

One of my biggest passions in ministry is getting the body of believers together. More specifically is getting as many youth ministries together under one roof for a few nights a year simply for them to learn, be encouraged, and worship as one body to our God. We started this thing called Ignite Worship (you can check it out by clicking HERE, you should also “Like” it), and it is rolling.

We have some awesome teachers:


Jarrid Wilson: He is a young guy, but his passion for Jesus is inspiring. He is a speaker and author here in the So Cal area. He has an amazing following on his blog (click HERE to check it out) and his book, 30 Words, is on Amazon and you can check that out by clicking HERE.



Phillip Allen Jr: Pastor of The Vine of Shepherd of the Hills Church. One of the most engaging speakers I have personally ever heard. He brings it. You can check out his ministry The Vine by clicking HERE.

This is a team of pastors of a few local churches in the area who want to break the mold of “independent” groups by UNITING students and IGNITING the passion of Jesus inside.

This is not a ONE church thing. It just happens to be at ONE church, joining our groups together in worship is the first step in uniting our next generation of leaders from many churches in one place to first IGNITE their relationship with Jesus so they can unashamedly claim Him as Savior to the world. IGNITE exists to ignite a generation with a passion for Jesus, empowered by the Holy Spirit to live transformed lives, to accomplish the will of the Father.

It’s a FREE session on January 26th, 2013, to start this journey of breaking down youth group barriers and start to join and work together. I would hope you would want to jump in. Here is a recap of last year:


One response to Ignite Conference- Break Through


    If I had my own private jet, I’d be there. 🙂

    This reminds me of something we did when I was in youth group. We called it “night of worship”. I lived in a small town, so all the youth ministries ,who chose to be involved, would come together once a month at the hosting church for that month. The hosting church would lead the worship (unless the didn’t have a praise band) & their youth pastor would do the message. It was a great evening of gathering with other youth to worship our Heavenly Father & learn from His word. I wish we had something like that today. I think we need to be gathering together like that more often instead of just keeping our students to ourselves. We are the body of Christ, so why does there seem to be such a reservation of of joining with other youth groups to worship & learn from Gods word? Maybe it’s just me!

    Serving with you
    Kendal Eschbach

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