4 Reasons Why Hand Written Notes Work

November 28, 2012 — 5 Comments

I just wanted to try something last week to see what sort of response I would get.

Last week wrote 7 hand written letters to 7 the junior guys in my small group. I hand wrote them in a page in my personal journal, talking about how proud I am of them, loving seeing them grow in Christ, and talk about some personal stuff going on in their lives and that I was praying for them, and then sent them out. I waited to see what the response would be. I mean, these were 16/17 year old guys, tough guys. How would they respond to a little hand written note?

I waited a few days and then all of the sudden I started to get text after text from the guys in my group about how awesome it was to get a hand written note and they never get them anymore. Some said it mean so much to them that I would stop and write something to encourage them, even though I just saw them a few nights before at church. I even had a mom tell me that her son has it hanging up in his bathroom because it mean so much to him and it encouraged him. I was blown away.

There are a few things I can pull from this little experiment that I need to remember:

  • Communicating through social media (texting, Facebook, etc.) is convenient, but hand written, personal notes mean way more than a quick text or Facebook message.
  • Students take note that you cared about them enough to stop in the craziness of the week and hand write something to them. Hand writing notes takes WAY longer than shooting over an email, but it is WAY worth it.
  • Students could never have too much encouragement. To know an adult is thinking about them, praying for them, and encouraging them to keep walking in faith, they can have the confidence they need in Christ to do amazing things.
  • It is not hard to do. It’s actually really easy and is something I should be doing every single week.

This is my goal. To keep up with this experiment until it becomes a normal weekly thing to write at least one note to a student and send it to them during the week.


5 responses to 4 Reasons Why Hand Written Notes Work


    I do this every single week, and to encourage other leaders to do the same thing, I always print plenty of seasonal postcards, attach prepostage, and send updated address lists to leaders once a semester.

    I can honestly credit a 30% spike in attendance to (God’s goodness and) hand-written postcards from 20 different leaders.

    Everyone should do this. Thanks for sharing.


    Aside from just writing to students I make it a habit to write to my leaders. Each week I hand write an encouraging note to at least two leaders (so I can cover everyone in a year). I have been amazed at how much my leaders appreciate this simple act of encouragement and how the Holy Spirit prompts me to write to people that really needed that extra bit of encouragement that week.

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