Guest Post: What Do You Do When Nothing Goes “Right” in Your Small Group?

October 30, 2012 — 2 Comments

Small groups can be scary.  Every week you pray, prepare, and expect God to do great things.  But what happens when your 12 students become 3 students?  It is tremendously heart breaking.  We have all faced seasons in ministry when it seems like your students are completely indifferent about God, eternity, much less discipleship.  It would be easy to begin questioning what you are doing wrong?  Why aren’t the students’ families making this a priority?  Do I suck at this?

I have gone through this and there are times I have allowed these circumstances to harden my heart and take my focus off of God and turn that focus to “results”.  My goal is to love God and my family and invite students to be a part of our lives and journey.  I want students to be able to own their faith instead of borrowing from their parents or mine.  That can only be done by God and the student.  It doesn’t make it any easier when you see great potential get lost in an ungodly teenage romantic relationship.  Or the mysterious disappearing student that was always there and now won’t return your text.

I don’t have an answer for why this happens, but I do have a suggestion. Love your ONE and love your 3!  Go after God in ways you normally wouldn’t (i.e. fasting, thanking God instead of just asking, and taking time to just listen for His voice).  Pour into your 3 students and make sure they know you love them and you love being there.

This isn’t a quick fix that will get your group back to 12, but it is A way to stay spiritually healthy and hungry.  I love small groups.  They are honest, irreverent, and open for discussion.  And when everything goes wrong, just love your ONE and love your 3.

Jeremy Bloom is the Youth Ministry Director at Shoreline Church. He blogs at and you can follow him on twitter @finding_jeremy.


2 responses to Guest Post: What Do You Do When Nothing Goes “Right” in Your Small Group?


    I am seeing a season like this in some of our small groups in our ministry. I pray that my leaders see the importance of pouring into just one kid. They don’t need 10-12 students at small groups to make an impact, all they need is one or two kids. I hope they give their all to those few kids and see God do awesome things! Thanks for this post.



    God is good ! I need it to hear this 🙂

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