37 Sermon Series Topic Ideas

September 5, 2012 — 5 Comments

Sometimes an idea for a sermon series just comes to me, so I quickly write them down in my notebook. Who knows if they will ever be used in our ministry, but hopefully by me sharing what I have thought of and seen, maybe they can spark something in another ministry in order to be used to spread Jesus to students. Let the brain begin to work!

  • False God
  • Hello, My Name is… Jesus
  • The Walking Dead
  • Impossible God (God works in impossibles)
  • Crosswords
  • UnChristian (based off the book)
  • Explicit
  • Love Out Loud
  • Old School (Old Testament Stories)
  • Real House Wives of the Bible
  • Dialoge vs. Monologe (prayer)
  • In It For the Prophets
  • Try Me
  • Prisoner, Pioneer, Preacher (Paul)
  • (Un)Comfort Zone
  • Scale The Walls
  • The Forum (Asking Questions)
  • Sit Down, Stand Up, Step Out
  • Lamb, Lion, Lord
  • Moments (God speaks in moments)
  • Thou Shalt…
  • Reputation: Not Just Yours Is One the Line
  • Secrets
  • I Have Never…
  • Tamed Temptation
  • Can God Really?
  • House of Prayer
  • Pawn Stars (Jesus wants more than collateral)
  • Seeds
  • Keeping It Real
  • Broken Yet Beautiful
  • Too Close For Comfort (Closer to God you become, the more uncofortable we are called to be)
  • Prayer Is…
  • Handle What’s Handling You
  • Clay, Potter, Masterpiece
  • Free At Last
  • Spiritual Shipwreck

If this sparks something for your ministry, let me know! I would love to hear what did with it!


5 responses to 37 Sermon Series Topic Ideas


    these are awesome man…


    Thanks for posting these.. I’m trying to find a series to do at my church.. I’ve been preaching for about 10 years, and last month was the first time I did a series.. I usually just do topic by topic.. I loved doing the series.. It was great to be able to connect things week by week.

    While this list is great… The problem with it is, some of the titles don’t really help, because you can’t really figure out what they are. I mean, it’s obvious what “the real house wives of the OT” is about.. But some of them it’s hard to figure out what the message is.. Might be great to see a title, and then a quick, 1 line synopsis of what it is.. Or if you did a 4 part on the it (for example) what were the 4 parts..

    Anyway, just my 2 cents. Take it for what it’s worth.


      You’re right that would be helpful to list the descriptions… If there were any lol. This is just a list that I keep on going with titles and then we go back and add in the week by week descriptions of that’s the way/series we want to go with. Once we get a series going, them we wrote them all out. I just like to keep a list and keep it going, hoping it would spark something for someone else.

      Thanks for your input!

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