Can You Join Me In Prayer For…

September 3, 2012 — 2 Comments

This week is going to be a pretty exciting week. It’s going to epic for a couple of reasons. A couple of reasons in which I would love and appreciate some prayers.

1. This week is Saddleback HSM’s Fall Kick Off. This is our service going into the school year in which students are encouraged and invite their friends who normally do not come to church. This is a service where we go a little bigger than usual, but the message is full of hope. There are going to be hundreds of students who have not been been to our church before and prayer for them to know Jesus and keep coming back to see who He is.

2. This week is also the Ignite Conference. If you don’t know what that is, check it out HERE, but it is just a little something I got the privilege to be asked to be apart of. Basically, some pastor friends of mine put together these nights in which we invite all of the youth groups and young adult groups in the area in hopes to try and break down walls between ministries, trying to show our students that they are not the only group doing what they are doing. Trying to get all of them under one roof to worship together, get some great teaching and encouragement. This whole night is free, it’s fun, and powerful. We are working with as many pastors and worship leaders from different churches to put this night on. The Ignite team would love prayer for 1) for there to be a ridiculous amount of groups and people there and 2) pray for the hundreds and hundreds of people who have already told us they are coming. I won’t be able to be there because we have our Fall Kick Off at Saddleback, but the rest of the team will kill it that night.


If you can join me for the hundreds of people who will hear the Gospel for the first time and for both nights to go amazingly smooth, both Saddleback HSM and the Ignite teams would appreciate it so much. Thank you and love and pray for you all.


2 responses to Can You Join Me In Prayer For…



    It’s exciting to see all that’s going on at your church. I’ve followed Joshua Griffin for quite some time and I’m glad I was able to find your blog. I haven’t been able to find a ton of wordpress style blogs for folks who are doing quality student ministry. Thanks!


      Hey Daniel,
      Thank you so much for the comment and checking out the blog. Super blessed to be working with Josh, the dude is the real deal. Thanks for checking out my site! I’ve looked at your stuff as well and I have to say I’m impressed as well! Keep doing what you are doing.

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