Tattooed Blessings

July 10, 2012 — 2 Comments

If you read my post yesterday, I just got done reading a book called “The Tangible Kingdom” (you can go check it out HERE). The book is about getting out of the church and being with people through relationaships and through that, by your life style, they will inquire about what you believe and why your life style seems to have something that they do not… Jesus. It is an incredible book with a really interesting/practical concept. After reading it, prayed to God saying, “God, let me be more like this. Help me be a light everywhere I go and shine Your love by my words and actions.” God answered big time.

I got a call two days ago from my tattoo artist. Usually the only time we talk on the phone is to schedule my next appointment, but this time was different. He asked me for a favor.

Now to give some back ground, Mike (my tattoo artist) and I have been friends for 6 years. I got my first tattoo from him and I have been going to him ever sense. He is not Christian, actually, he is probably one of the furthest guys from being any form of religion I know. He is all tatted up, a super tough, ruggid, crude guy I have ever met, but he has a heart of gold. And we have developed this unique friendship. We have hung out many times outside of me getting tattooed and he has even attended some church services with me. Most of our late night tattoo sessions turn into theological talks. It is pretty sweet. I have been praying for this guy since the day I met him.

Back to his favor. He called me up to tell me that him and a few other guys are starting their very own tattoo shop. It is a huge risk for them and they are telling their current boss this week that they are quitting to start this new place. They have put everything they have into the place. And he called me and asked if I would be willing to come and I quote, “Pray a prayer of blessing over the new or some  **** and pray for us telling our current boss. We need all the help we can get and I thought you would be the right person to do so.” I was floored. How awesome is that? Have I ever done something like that before? Nope. But what a great opportunity to hang out and minister with 3 guys who are open to having a pastor come and check out and pray over their new shop. I have been praying for an opportunity to talk to these guys about God, and here it is placed right in front of me, 3 days after I pray for the opportunity.

That is just the thing. We usually pray for God to make us bolder, patient, to have opportunities to talk to people about Jesus, or fill in the blank with whatever you want. But does God automatically make you any of those things? When you pray for boldness does he right then and there make you bold? No! Rather he gives you the opportunity to be bold, and it is up to us to take the opportunity. Same thing with anything, when we pray for something for us to be more __________ (whatever you want to be more of), He will not make you that thing, yet He will give you more opportunities to be it.

It is up to us whether we are going to open our eyes and take the opportunity and use it to glorify God.

I prayed for this to happen and God answered with an opportunity and I am going to take it. That should be everyone’s daily challenge. What opportunities are you missing because you’re not taking them.

Colossians 4:5

Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity. (NIV)


2 responses to Tattooed Blessings


    Justin, There have been a number of books written recently that express the same calling for developing a tangible faith. A key phrase to search for is “missional church”. I think their general premise makes a lot of sense. I grew up with the image of a great chasm between the world of sin and the world of salvation and life. Jesus, through the cross, bridged that chasm and allows all who believe to cross over. The missional church folks have added another layer to that image. They say our job is now to cross back over the chasm, to live and interact with those who haven’t made the decision yet. We don’t sit safely in our secure sanctuaries. We get out into a messy world. We become tangible, just as you have become for your friend. May God continue to bless your ministry.

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