REFRESH MONDAY: Information Does Not = Transformation

May 7, 2012 — 4 Comments

This post was featured on a great blog that asked me to guest blog for them a couple of weeks ago. The blog is Generation to Generation Youth Ministry. They are some amazing dudes that really know their stuff. Go check them out, and check out the post I had the privilege to do for them.

I heard an interesting fact yesterday.

Only 8% of Christians are considered fully devoted followers of Christ.

Out of the millions and millions of people who go church every single weekend, a very low percent are actual, real, authentic followers of Christ. Only 80 out of 1000 people would fall into this category or authentic Christ follower. That’s insane. This leads me to believe that people are getting into church, which is great, but there is no action that follows. They might as well not even have gone. For whatever reason we have gotten in the mind set of, “the more I know the more Christian I am.”

INFORMATION DOES NOT LEAD TO TRANSFORMATION! Just because we go to church and sit there and listen to a message and go home and do nothing about it will not change lives. How can we expect a life style change to happen if we never take the steps to change our current life style we are living now?

When we go to church are we hearing the message and thinking, “Oh yeah, that’s good. Cool.” and then never do anything about it?

That’s like going to driving school and learning how to drive a car and then when you get in a car you just sit in the car and are angry because it is not taking you anywhere. We need to step up, buckle up and put it into drive in order for you to go anywhere. What good is it to just go to church and sit there and not put anything to action and then expect a huge transformation to happen in your life?

Information does not lead to transformation; application leads to transformation.

Actions precede change. Inactivity is the darkroom where negativity is developed. I believe that the key to finding the joy of the Lord comes with service. I am so glad that almost immediately after becoming a Christian as an adult, I became engulfed in the world of Christian Service. I have often wondered if the changes would have “stuck” if I had just been a pew sitter. When tough times came and I had to count the cost–I was already all in.

When we are teaching students, are we teaching that the church is a noun or a verb? A very real and honest question we need to ask ourselves in ministry.

* The term “information does not lead to transformation” I got from Perry Noble.


4 responses to REFRESH MONDAY: Information Does Not = Transformation

    philsteiner77 May 7, 2012 at 9:52 am

    Great post. This really encouraged me to think about how I am doing ministry. I also wonder if there are a few other factors involved with the statistics.
    1) How we the church present the Gospel. If we are only presenting the Gospel as a way to go to heaven when we die, to get out of Hell, then why would people want to become authentic Christians? They are good with God and don’t see a need for him now in this life.
    2) I like your driving analagy. So to use that. Even when learning to drive, you are in the car with someone who is teaching you how to drive. There is community. I know for me, I tend to expect my students just to go out and know how to take what was taught into their lives. There needs to be a community where they learn to work it out in their lives, not just go off and do it by themselves.

    This got me really thinking this morning thanks for posting.


      Hey Phil!!

      Thanks so much for reading and starting the conversation. Love your input. I like the question about how we present the Gospel. Great question to be asking.

      I think we get caught up KNOWING ABOUT JESUS rather than simply KNOWING AND LOVING Jesus, which when we do that and follow Him, we are called and convicted to act.

      Thanks again Phil!


    “Actions precede change” – That’s one of those statements that you just need to sit and think about. Thanks for spotlighting Generation to Generation Youth Ministry. I’ll have to check them out.

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