Shout Out Friday: Church on the Move

May 4, 2012 — 4 Comments

One of the churches I find myself going to a lot for inspiration and ideas is Church on the Move in OK. They do some amazing things and I always end up asking myself the same question…how on earth did they even some up with that?

Their blog is unreal. They have videos, sermon series, stuff for adults, stuff for kids, for students and worship. It all is pretty amazing and I have spent hours just going through what they have and I leave ready to go feeling inspired. It truly is a blessing that they post it all online to help out other ministries when it can be really easy to keep it all to themselves. I would say they are some of the best when it comes to creative arts in every arena for a church program.

Here is an excerpt from their blog on how they come up with ideas:

“I think a big misconception about creative ideas is that they’re born almost fully formed. That is, that the genesis and the finished product somewhat closely resemble each other. Sure, we assume there’s going to be some tweaks made a long the way, but for the most part the crux of the idea is born in tact. We think John Lassetter woke up one day with Woody and Buzz dueling in his head, that Steve Jobs had a miraculous vision of the iPhone in his sleep, that George Lucas knew Darth Vader was Luke’s father from the inception.

We want to believe it works that way don’t we? Why? Because it’s sexier, because It’s more fantastic, because it’s more grand and mysterious. But above all else, this misconception persists because it let’s us off the hook.”

You can check out their Seeds Blog by clicking HERE.


4 responses to Shout Out Friday: Church on the Move


    Thanks so much for this resource. I have been browsing around for like 15 minutes or so and I really appreciate the fact that they put all of this up and available on the web. Great post today.




      Isn’t it amazing? I can spend all day on that site. They really do have some amazing things on there and I always find myself asking, “How did they come up with that?” Thanks for sharing.


    Love their use of the word sexy, lol! I think the church should have the most ridiculously awesome, creative ideas. After all, we do serve the creator!!



      Thanks for the comment. They are a pretty incredible church and you’re right, the church needs to have the most creative ideas because God is the most creative creator. Thanks for sharing!

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